2023 Berlitz Ski Camp

in vancouver, Canada

The most perfect way to start a new year


Skiing has never been this view-tiful

At the famous Grouse mountain ski resort overlooking downtown Vancouver, experience cool, heart-opening skiing!

Snow, snow, and more snow!

Experience the beautiful snow forests, and peaceful
Canadian environment and culture with your whole body!

Teaching language is what we do.

Are you tired of studying in the classroom?
Our class begins as soon as you get on a plane to Canada. Feel your language skill growing with hands-on practice in a free environment, whether in English or French. All classes are conducted with the berlitz method, which boasts more than 145 years of history.

2023 Ski Camp

You can be the ski king and enjoy the breathtaking nature of Canada.

The best chance to socialize & communicate with other Berlitz students from different countries!

Fantastic 2 weeks of Ski wonderland 

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