Berlitz Summer Program

Summer Program 2022

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Summer program benefits

Our summer program includes:

  • Talking in full sentences
  • Repeated writing practice
  • Phonics and writing courses are available
  • Increasing the interest in other cultures with Berlitz's curriculum.

We offer private lessons:

  • General English Course (Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening Skills)
  • English Writing Enhancement Course
  • Examination, Interview Preparation
  • Phonics Course
  • Non-English Language Lessons (Mandarin, Japanese, French, etc.)

Our summer program offers

A girl studying with her laptop

Private lessons

with a flexible schedule

A boy concentrating on class

Customized content

to achieve each student's goal

two girls drawing pictures

Interacting and engaging activities

Summer Program

Summer Program

Regular price$900.00


10 lessons summer package – 5 days holiday program with flexible schedule. (2 units/day X 5 days)

+ 1 Complimentary level check (40 mins)

* 50% discounted registration fee is included in the price.

* Material fee waiver – we use customized materials for this program, depending on student’s goal.

* One month duration

* Limited seats available