A Beginner's Guide: Counting 1 to 10 in Hindi

A Beginner's Guide: Counting 1 to 10 in Hindi

Starting the journey of learning a new language is an exciting adventure, and Hindi, with its rich cultural heritage, is a fantastic choice. Let's start with the basics—learning to count from 1 to 10 in Hindi. Along the way, we'll explore some common questions about the language.

1. What country do they speak Hindi?

Hindi is primarily spoken in India, where it is one of the official languages and serves as a unifying force among the country's diverse regions and states. Outside India, Hindi is spoken and appreciated in various countries, including Mauritius, Suriname, Nepal, Trinidad and Tobago, the United States, and South Africa, contributing to its global presence within the Indian diaspora.

2. Do people in Singapore speak Hindi?

In Singapore, while Hindi is not a native language, it is spoken by individuals, especially those with Indian heritage. The multicultural environment of Singapore fosters language diversity, making Hindi accessible through community events, cultural institutions, and language schools.

3. Is learning Hindi hard?

Many learners wonder, "Is learning Hindi hard?" Like any language, the difficulty of learning Hindi depends on various factors such as your native language, language-learning experience, and the resources you use. The good news is that with dedication, consistent practice, and the right guidance, learning Hindi can be an enriching and rewarding experience.

4. Where can I learn Hindi?

If you're in Singapore and eager to learn Hindi, you're in luck! There are excellent options for learning Hindi, both in-person and online. Let's explore some resources:

  • In-Person Hindi Courses: Berlitz Singapore offers immersive in-person Hindi courses, providing a structured and interactive environment for language learning.

  • Online Hindi Courses: For those who prefer flexibility, Berlitz Singapore also offers online Hindi courses, allowing learners to study at their own pace from the comfort of their homes.

How to Count 1 to 10 in Hindi

1. एक (Ek) - One

2. दो (Do) - Two

3. तीन (Teen) - Three

4. चार (Chār) - Four

5. पाँच (Pāṅc) - Five

6. छह (Chhah) - Six

7. सात (Sāt) - Seven

8. आठ (Āṭh) - Eight

9. नौ (Nau) - Nine

10. दस (Das) - Ten

Learning to count is a foundational step in any language journey. Practice these numbers regularly, and soon you'll find yourself comfortable counting in Hindi.


Embarking on the journey to learn Hindi opens doors to a vibrant culture and a diverse linguistic landscape. Whether you choose in-person or online courses, the key is consistent practice and a passion for exploration. Start with the basics, and soon you'll be counting, conversing, and connecting in Hindi.

Happy learning!