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Online Vietnamese courses

Online Vietnamese courses

Learning Vietnamese is Easier Than You Think

About the only challenging thing about learning Vietnamese is the pronunciation. Apart from that, many of the grammar points that make learning a language difficult is absent in Vietnamese. For example, there are no gender forms such as in French or Spanish, or articles such as ‘a’ or ‘the’.

Vietnamese also dispenses with verb endings and plural forms. The Vietnamese vocabulary is also highly logical in that in many cases, you can guess the meaning just by using literal translations (for example, the Vietnamese word for an aeroplane is literally ‘flying machine’). That should be enough to convince you that learning this beautiful language is not as difficult as you might suppose.

Why Study Vietnamese?

For many native Vietnamese who have been living overseas, this is an opportunity to connect with your roots, as well as family and friends who may be living in Vietnam – or in other countries, where Vietnamese can be used as a common language to bridge cultural divides and language barriers.

And for anyone who is invested in the rich history and culture of Vietnam, learning the learning will make your travels to the nation a more engaging and interactive experience, as you will be able to appreciate the sights, sounds, people and their language at a deeper level.

The Beauty of the Vietnamese Language

Many non-native speakers of Vietnamese learn the language out of necessity, yet many others choose to learn it out of personal interest. It is unique in that it is a product of Vietnam’s 4,000 years of culture. For example, its special tone cannot be found anywhere else, and its phrases have a beautiful, expressive rhythm all of their own.

It has also evolved as such that rather than a pictorial system, it now also uses a phonetic system that is based on Latin letters, but with additional diacritics for Vietnamese phonemes and tones. As such, it is accessible as there is no need to learn a new alphabet.