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In-person Arabic courses

In-person Arabic courses

Arabic Classes In Singapore

There are an estimated 485 million speakers of Arabic found all over the world. Arabic is spoken throughout the Middle East: Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Egypt. To the “outside” world – a non-Arabic speaker, Arabic is a mysterious, incomprehensible language. Yet the Arabic language has influenced a number of languages, including English, French and German. For example, the English word, “alcohol” is derived from Arabic.

Why learn Arabic with Berlitz

The middle-eastern economies are flourishing and there are many opportunities for work should you have a proficiency in Arabic – it will give you the edge over others. Construction and oil are the traditional employers for engineers, and growing areas are in manufacturing, finance and property. There is also a high demand for Arabic translators all around the world.

Learning Arabic

Muslims from all over the world would learn to read Arabic as Arabic is the language of the Quran, hence Arabic is taught in many Muslim schools found worldwide, including Singapore. A number of institutions teach Arabic as part of Middle-eastern or religious studies, and some may teach Arabic for business purposes.