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In-person Spanish courses

In-person Spanish courses

Spanish is is a widely spoken language, both in terms of the number of speakers and the number of countries in which it is the dominant language.

Besides being spoken in Spain, it is the official language of Mexico, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico, of all the Central American countries except Belize, and of all of the South American countries except Brazil, Guyana, Suriname, and French Guiana.

In the United States there are now more than 25 million speakers of Spanish, living mainly in California, Arizona, Texas, Florida, and New York, but also in many other states.

In total, there are more than four hundred million Spanish speakers worldwide, making Spanish the third largest language after Chinese and English.

Why learn Spanish with Berlitz

The Spanish classes offered by Berlitz incorporate all of our proven language learning tactics into the curriculum. This includes the Berlitz Method, which focuses on immersive language learning that is based on applicable language skills. Our Spanish lessons are designed to help you feel comfortable speaking, writing and listening to Spanish in real-world settings.

Berlitz Spanish classes are offered in a variety of different settings, ranging from group classes to private, one-on-one lessons.

Why learn Spanish with Berlitz

Advantages of learning Spanish with Berlitz

10 levels of proficiency

With Berlitz you can take a proficiency test and a quick language assessment to find out which level suits your needs. There are 10 levels tabulated according to ability.

Fast and efficient learning

You will quickly advance, understanding in an agile and practical way as you progress through the program levels.

Cultural understanding beyond just language

Classes focus on going beyond just the language. You will get to know a whole new culture directly with native and experienced teachers whilst immersing yourself in the language.