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Boost your child's language proficiency this winter

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2023 Winter Camp Enrollment Closed

Stay Tuned for Next Year's Updates!

Are you seeking a transformative winter language adventure?

Our Winter Camp is your gateway to a Fun, Interactive, and Immersive experience, empowering children to rapidly enhance their language skills through discussion, debate, presentation courses, and travel-ready expressions.

Speaking-Focused Learning

We focus on refining and strengthening their speaking abilities, allowing them to engage actively in discussions, debates, and presentations.

This not only adds to their fluency but also cultivates the confidence they need to express themselves effectively.

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Personalized Attention

We understand that every child is unique. That's why we offer personalized attention to ensure your child's individual needs and goals are met.

Our instructors can provide focused attention, tailored feedback, and individualized guidance to maximize your child's learning experience.

Confidence Boost

We're not just about teaching language; we're about building self-assured communicators.

Our program is structured to boost your child's confidence in speaking, whether it's in a debate, presentation, or everyday conversation. Your child will emerge from the winter program with newfound self-assurance.

Berlitz Summer English camp confidence boost

Winter Camp

List of courses

  • K&T Discuss & Debate
  • K&T Going Abroad 1
  • K&T Going Abroad 2
  • K&T Presentations 1a – Introduce Yourself
  • K&T Presentations 1b – Introduce Yourself
  • K&T Presentations 2a – Introduce a Prefecture
  • K&T Presentations 2b – Introduce a Country
  • K&T Presentations 3
  • K&T Presentations 4

Enroll your child and witness their transformative journey today!

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