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🚨 Are you a professional who wants to improve your language skills and
communicate confidently in various scenarios?

🚨 Do you need a quick tip or a confidence boost before a presentation, a proposal, or a real-life practice?

If you answered YES✅ to any of these questions, then Berlitz Clinic is
the perfect solution for you.

Berlitz Clinic is a service that offers personalized and flexible language coaching for professionals who want to achieve their goals and excel in their fields. Whether you need to prepare for a presentation, a proposal, a meeting, a negotiation, or any other situation, Berlitz Clinic can help you.

Practical and engaging

We get straight to the business. Keeping it pinpoint, and tailored to treat your specifics.

Berlitz IELTS-Personalized learning
Berlitz IELTS-Flexible scheduling
Personalized and flexible

You will have a coach who is dedicated to your success and who will adapt to your
schedule, pace, and goals.

Professional and personal development

You will not only improve your language skills, but also your communication skills, and your cultural awareness.

Berlitz Clinic

How does Berlitz Clinic work?

Berlitz Clinic is based on the Berlitz Method, a natural and immersive way of learning languages that maximizes results and confidence. The Berlitz Method has been proven and refined for over 140 years, and it is used by millions of people around the world.

When you sign up for Berlitz Clinic, you will undergo a language diagnosis to assess your current level and needs. You will then be matched with a coach who is a native speaker and an expert in your industry and topic. Your coach will design a customized treatment plan for you, based on your goals and preferences. You will have 1:1 sessions with your coach, either online or offline, depending on your convenience and availability. You will also have access to online resources and materials to support your learning.

If you need a quick tip or a confidence boost before a presentation, a proposal, or a real-life practice, you can also walk into our clinic instructors in your company and ask for their help. They will be happy to assist you and give you the best advice and guidance.

During the sessions, your coach will guide you through realistic and relevant scenarios and dialogues, and provide you with feedback and tips on your language performance. You will learn the vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and culture of your target language, as well as the skills and strategies to communicate effectively and persuasively in your professional context.

How can I sign up for Berlitz Clinic?

If you are interested in Berlitz Clinic, you can contact us today and get a free consultation. We have various options and packages to suit your needs and budget. Don't miss this opportunity to take your language skills and your career to the next level.

Join us today and experience the prescription for confidence in language!